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  • Meta AI to animate your drawing, UNESCO Guide to ChatGPT and more

Meta AI to animate your drawing, UNESCO Guide to ChatGPT and more

Compiled AI Resources for Educators (Apr - Jun 2023)

What is covered:

  1. Animating children’s drawing using AI (15 June 2023)

  2. How to create presentations and webpages in mere minutes using AI? (27 May 2023)

  3. Taking Care of Yourself By Planning a June Holiday Trip using AI Chatbots (20 May 2023)

  4. Exploring AI Chatbots like Perplexity.ai in the Classroom (6 May 2023)

  5. UNESCO’s Guide on ChatGPT (29 April 2023)

Animating children’s drawing using meta AI (15 June 2023)

Enjoy the process of transforming your children's or pupils' drawings! 🎉

Example of animated drawings(:

🌞 We're currently in the midst of our June holidays. For those of us with young children, we might consider engaging them with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring their imaginative drawings to life.

Meta AI's 'Animated Drawings' utilizes computer vision techniques, a branch of AI that trains models to interpret and understand visual data. This enables us to animate children's drawings and turn them into real-life cartoons. The tool is user-friendly and intuitive, capable of recognizing a wide range of children's drawing styles. 🎨🖥️

You can access the tool here

Additionally, Meta AI has recently open-sourced the code for the Animated Drawings project. For those of us with coding skills, this provides an opportunity to create even more sophisticated animations from children's drawings. 💻✨

Check out the GitHub source code

How to create presentations and webpages in mere minutes using AI? (27 May 2023)

A huge thank you to Imrn Binh who recently demonstrated how we can use Condor AI to effortlessly generate quizzes in an instant.💡

Do you know that AI can also significantly boost our productivity when it comes to creating presentations and webpages? 📊🌐

One of the AI tools currently trending is Gamma AI 🚀. Using a simple prompt, we could direct Gamma App to effortlessly generate presentations and webpages with diagrams and graphics, no coding skills required. 🚫💻 🥳 We could alternatively provide it with an outline simply by copying and pasting.


  • Create presentations and web pages in under 3 minutes

  • User-friendly interface

  • Variety of attractive templates, visuals, and themes made accessible through AI

  • Edit specific parts of your presentation or webpage with AI

  • Produce an entire webpage and presentation with AI

  • Export files as PDFs

  • Easy embedding of videos, images, webpages, and apps from a PDF file, Google Drive, Miro, Figma, and more

  • Includes data analytics of the web pages when shared with others


  • Cannot download in PowerPoint format (pptx)

  • AI could provide more details than necessary or inaccurate information and graphics (we can always modify or delete them)

  • Not free– You start with 400 free AI credits (Tip: get 200 more by referring a friend, or enjoy unlimited credits by upgrading to the Pro version.)

To show you AI prowess, I've created two use cases:

1️⃣ I copied and pasted my post on “Planning a June Holiday Trip with AI Chatbot” and prompted it to generate a webpage (in 3 languages). With a few tweaks, it was ready in just 3 minutes! (See attached video. I was overly ambitious and the AI only generated 2 cards in Malay. I can of course add more cards manually to include missing content.)

2️⃣ Using the prompt “Vietnam War”, Gamma created a presentation in under 2 minutes. https://gamma.app/docs/The-Vietnam-War-bc3qwtlqngco894?mode=doc Ready to give Gamma a shot?

Use Mathew’s referral link to sign up and earn 200 free credits:

While Gamma App has been impressive, there are other AI-power presentation apps you can explore: Decktopus.com Tome.app

Taking Care of Yourself By Planning a June Holiday Trip using AI Chatbots (20 May 2023)

The pace of AI development over the past year has been nothing short of breathtaking. To keep you updated with the latest advancements, I'm initiating a weekly post that will provide a brief overview of AI's progress and how you can leverage it in your professional work.

Taking Care of Yourself By Planning a June Holiday Trip using AI Chatbots

Last month, Ghazali Abdul Wahab emphasised the importance of self-care in his Linkedin article. He wrote, "By taking care of yourself, you'll be better equipped to handle the challenges of teaching. You won't be able to look after your students' needs if you don't look after your own needs first." 💪💆‍♀️📚

Indeed, as we approach the end of term 2, it is crucial for us teachers to find ways to exercise self-care and recharge. So, instead of discussing AI technology for teaching and learning, I'd like to share how you can harness AI Chatbots’ semantic search capabilities—ChatGPT Plugins, Google Bard or Bing Chat—to plan your June holiday trip. ✈️🌴🗺️

a) Trip.com and Expedia ChatGPT’s Plugins

While some people have used ChatGPT to plan holiday trips, it's important to note that ChatGPT's knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, meaning it will not provide the most recent information on airline tickets, new hotels, latest hotel reviews, or updates on tourist sites. In view of this limitation, ChatGPT has introduced plugins to its Plus subscribers that combine the natural language processing of ChatGPT with functionalities of third-party tools and sites. These plugins include Trip.com or Expedia, which we could use to plan a short holiday trip. However, one downside is that with the plugins activated, ChatGPT may take longer than usual to generate the output.

For those who do not subscribe to ChatGPT, free alternatives like Google Bard or Bing Chat are available. These chatbots can be even more useful and accessible than ChatGPT for planning trips and sourcing flights.

b) Google Bard (Experiment) (https://bard.google.com/)

Note: Google Bard is only accessible through private Gmail accounts and cannot be accessed via MOE iCON Gmail accounts.

Google Bard has just been released to all Google users, and is currently in Beta mode. Bard can generate three unique drafts based on your input. You have the option to export these drafts directly to Google Docs or your Gmail account, or to click ‘Google it’ to a more traditional Google Search.

Bing Chat, which also requires personal email login and is accessible via Microsoft Edge Browser or Chrome extension, provides more hyperlinks to various sites than ChatGPT's Trip.com or Expedia plugins. It can create a detailed itinerary when the 'Creative' conversation style is chosen and can provide images of the sites when prompted.

In my experience using the Chat Bots to plan a hypothetical trip to Langkawi Malaysia (see screenshots of the various outputs), Bing Chat has been the most useful due to its capabilities to generate comprehensive information, direct us to multiple sites through hyperlinks and footnotes, and show images, which ChatGPT and Google Bard currently cannot do.

Exploring AI Chatbots like Perplexity.ai in the Classroom (6 May 2023)

Many of us have started exploring ChatGPT, and some even incorporating it into classroom activities. I'd like to introduce an alternative called Perplexity.ai, which I've found beneficial for enhancing students' learning experiences. Below, I've listed the beneficial features of this tool:

  1. GPT-3.5/4 Support: Perplexity.ai is powered by GPT, giving students a ChatGPT-like tool.

  2. Source Citation: Perplexity.ai cites sources, enabling students to verify information.

  3. No Email Login Requirements: Perplexity.ai is hassle-free without the need for an email login. However, logging in could allow students to save their chat History

  4. No Age Limit: It's accessible to all students, as long as the usage conforms to the laws of the country or region.

  5. More Concise Responses than ChatGPT: Encouraging students to conduct further research.

  6. Less Creativity than ChatGPT: Students must use their own creativity to enhance answers.

  7. User-Friendly Interface: Clear and easy to use, with concise and detailed responses. Great for helping students generate ideas.

  8. Acquire Information from Specific Sources: Can generate responses from sources like Reddit and Wolfram|Alpha.

  9. Free and Ad-free: Uninterrupted learning experience without distractions.

  10. PLD Chromebook Compatible: Works seamlessly with PLD. (Note: Bing Chat is only accessible on Chromebook via a Chrome Extension)

  11. Character Limit: Encourages concise queries and prevents copying and pasting lengthy questions.

  12. Chrome Extension: summarises webpages.

  13. iPhone App: Perplexity.ai is available as a handy mobile app. (Not Android yet)

  14. Integrates with SLS Lessons: Embed or copy-and-paste the Perplexity.ai web address for Learning Together (#KAT) activities. Students can access the chatbot to ideate and share ideas via ITT or SLS Class Group Discussion Forums (see attached screenshot).

For a more comprehensive analysis of ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Perplexity.ai, you may refer to the comparison table.

You may want to know that United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 🌏🏛️** has just published a guide on AI and ChatGPT for educators in Latin America and the Caribbean but you and your colleagues could find it equally beneficial.

Some of its useful content includes an introduction to ChatGPT, how to create an account, considerations before using ChatGPT, tips on teaching and learning and research, as well as AI ethics.

This resource can be adapted to guide teachers and students through the basics of AI and ChatGPT, as well as to help craft ethical guidelines for AI use in the classroom.

Do browse through this document and share it with your colleagues 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫.

**UNESCO is an UN agency promoting education, cultural exchanges, peace, and human rights 🕊️🌐. The emergence of AI is a double-edged sword as it could both improve and jeopardise the quality of human lives . With this understanding, UNESCO has written and published numerous articles and media content about the ethics of AI .